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Agility - Sunday Member Practice Time is 3 p.m.
8009 E. Farmers Ave. (off East Loop 335)
(All members are welcome to practice at the field IF their dogs have successfully completed an AOTC Agility Class and they & their dogs are familiar with the proper and safe execution of all obstacles.  Review Agility Area Rules below.)

Agility Training Director - Jeri Berryman
AKC Agility Regulations and Agility Judges Guidelines
AOTC Agility Area Rules:  EVERYONE PLEASE READ !!!

Agility Class Schedule: 

 Agility classe signups will be  March 12,2020 from 6-7 at our training building located at 8175 S Osage (just 1/4 mile north of Loop 335 & Osage) Look for the red pipe fencing and follow the driveway to the first hanger on the left

Certificate of rabies vaccination must be presented.  NO DOGS AT REGISTRATION. Classes ar $100 for the 6 weeks session please bring either check or cash  

Class sizes are limited to provide you with the best possible instruction. 
Below is the list of classes that will be offered.  

Please note the start dates listed by Instructor.  Class is held for approximately one hour.


DAY/Time & 1st class                            Class (see description below)                        Instructor & location

  Tuesday 6:45pm (postpone until further notice)           Pre-Novice class                                       Gail Hefley at agility field

  Wednesday 7:00pm (postponed until further notice)            Agility Foundation 2                         
Lynne Tellman at training building 

  Thursday 7:44pm
(postponed until further notice)         Agility Foundation 1                                  Jeri Berryman at training building



1 wing/1 jump: Games for Commitment:
These 1 Wing and 1 Jump games will help teach your dog commitment while helping to develop handling tools to use on course. The games are highly motivational, build value to the wing/jump, and can be done in your living room or a small space.  The games are part of building a strong foundation for young green dogs…and handlers.

 Topics Include: Driving Ahead, Collection/Wraps, Serpentines, Threadles, Rear Cross, Blind Cross, Front Cross, and Backsides.

 This class has a lot of instruction/observing and less participation than typical classes. It is also atypical in that there is virtually no running on the handler’s part and little to no jumping on the dog’s part. Hardly the stuff we think of in agility classes, but part of important foundation work.  Your foundation can never be too strong!

 Is this class for me?  If you dog head checks, has to be led to each jump, doesn’t drive ahead, comes dangerously close to crashing the stanchion, you run pointing with flailing arms, or try to race your dog to a jump --then “Yes” this class could be for you.

 Priority is given (1) to AOTC members that regularly attend class and/or practice and are committed to competing; and (2) has the greatest need for the class. Email Gail at

Agility Foundation 1 : - This is a BEGINNING agility class focusing on flatwork, fundamental introduction to obstacles, and very short sequences. There are no prerequisites for this class.  However, a prior obedience class is recommended.

Agility Foundation 2:
This is a CONTINUATION of the Foundation 1 Class.  Prerequisite: Foundation 1

Agility Foundation 3:
This is a CONTINUATION of the Foundation 2 Class. Prerequisite: Foundation 2

Beginning Sequencing:
Dogs must have the skills needed to work off leash at the beginning of this class.  This class will focus on training your dog to run short sequences of obstacles successfully, staying focused and on course.  


Novice/beginner Open

For those competing at or preparing for Novice level competition or they just moved up to Open. Classes will alternate with drills, courses and some weave work.   


This class is geared to students at most any level.  We will work fun sequences using people and objects as distractions.  There will be a variety of agility games to work cues, focus and confidence.  This is also a social class where students will be encouraged to mingle, visit, and even have a few tasty snacks on the field.  Our goal is to keep our dogs focused and on course. 


Beginner  Weaves &  basic handling skills:

This class is targeted to those training at the Beginner/Foundation and Started/Novice levels that have little to no basics of weave training and want to learn to teach their dogs the channel method of weaving using a full set of 12 poles.  Single obstacles such as jumps and tunnels may be used to work entrances and exits. We will also teach basic agility handling skills.    

It is highly recommended you have a full set of poles at home, or prepare to visit the field frequently if you are a member to practice using the Club's channel weaves.  All students who are members will be shown how to properly use the channel weaves for practice outside of class time. Your dog must be a minimum of 12 months old to participate in this class.  

Foundation Weaves:

This class is for dogs with no weave skills. The rudiments of weaves will be taught using channel weaves and the owner must be willing to commit to training between classes. Dog must be at least 1 year old.  Limited to 8 dogs.

Advanced Weaves:

Dog must know 12 straight line weaves. In this class the dog will learn how to find their entrance, committed weaves, and proofing. This class is open to club members only. Limit 8 dogs