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AKC Titles and Award Information Needed

When you and your dog earn titles in AKC obedience, rally and agility, AOTC recognizes that achievement at our annual awards banquet.  

If this is your first title and you are a club member, AOTC will provide a plaque to you. We will need to know how you want your plaque to read. Most people put the dog's registered name on the first line, then the dog's call name on the second line.  

For example:
Here Comes The Boom

Of course, you may choose to only have one line on the plaque.  Be sure to be very clear about what you would like on your plaque when sending your email to Jeri Berryman at

For each title earned during the year, email the name of the title and the month it was earned.

Award Criteria

Agility Performance Award

Preferred Agility Performance Award

Obedience Performance Award

Rally Performance Award

Versatility Performance Award – not a competitive Award.  It will be awarded to each dog who earns it in the calendar year.

Completed forms must be provided to Jeri Berryman at
 no later than January 7, 2017.

AOTC Outstanding Member Award

Votes will be cast for AOTC's Outstanding Member Award at the January 2018 meeting, and the award will be presented at the annual awards banquet.  This award recognizes a member who best exemplifies good sportsmanship in the world of dog sports and who has made oustanding contributions to our club.