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Activities / Events


Agility Trial: October 9-11th at the Arena of Life. The judge will Gill Chapman and the trial opens Monday August 10th. We will take all precautions to host a safe trial and we hope to see you there. The entry form is list separately  


Due to Covid-19 we are only allowing people that are participating in our trail to be there 

There is not a charge to attend our trials but we do have a few rules.  Un-entered dogs are not allowed at AKC trials, (they would be bored anyway) so leave them home and instead come see what you could teach them!  We offer classes to the public in each of our competitive events.

Practice dog safety at all times, including asking before you approach a dog.  Every dog and their owner have their own ideas about how much affection they need or want from strangers.  Always keep track of your children at dog events - no running.   Remember, toddlers, small children, and children in strollers are face level with dogs and although show dogs are more social than most dogs, they may not be comfortable with children.  Keep everyone safe by keeping a distance unless you are invited to pet.
As a general rule, all trials will begin at 8 am and end when the last dog exhibits - in other words, come early because when we are done, WE ARE DONE! 

Amarillo Obedience Training Club currently sponsors the following activities:
  • Obedience & Rally Classes - Classes are available for all ages of dogs, from puppy to adult.  Household manners as well as preparation for competition.
  • Agility Classes - Agility can be compared to an obstacle course that your dog performs under your direction.  This is a relatively new dog sport that is growing by "leaps and bounds".
  • Canine Good Citizen Certification - This test is sponsored by AKC and can be earned by all dogs and handlers.  Our beginning obedience classes will help to prepare you and your dog to earn this title.
  • Community Education - Volunteers and their dogs have taken part in various displays for the public, including special classes in elementary schools and demonstrations at local malls, fundraisers for local animal rescue organizations, fostering for area rescue groups, and volunteering at local shelters.