Stay Updated With the Amarillo Obedience Training Club

Club Officers and Board of Directors


President: Jeri Berryman
Vice President: Kristy Ketterlin
Secretary: Ashley Tarrant
Treasurer: Melanie Singleton

Note: All officers have 1-year terms

Board of Directors:

Kim McCafferty (1) expires 2023
Erica Olsen (2) expires 2023
Gail Hefley (2) expires 2023
Paige Sheen (3) expires 2025
Sarah Kolath (3) expires 2025

(Board Term)

Agility Committee Members

Gail Hefley (director)
Lynne Tellman
Erica Olsen

Obedience Committee Members

Jeri Berryman (director)
Donna Johnson
Lynette Barnes
Janie Henderson

Education Director

Kristy Ketterlin


Jeri Berryman or Gail Hefley