Agility Classes

Wednesday: Begins 5/22/246:30pmNovice Agility ClassJeri Berryman
Saturday: Begins 6/1/249:00am Intro to Agility (class is limited to 8) We will offer a second class if needed.Jeff Brugamyer
Novice Agility Class: This class is for dogs and handlers that are ready to start showing or have already shown on the Novice level. The dogs must know all the obstacles and be able to run small courses. The courses will be Novice level and will work different obstacles and handling skills

Intro to Agility: This class is for owners and their dogs to learn the fundamentals of agility and see if this is something they would enjoy. The class will be held indoors at our training facility located at 8175 S Osage. We recommend that your dog has the knowledge of sit, stay and a recall.

Novice Agility Foundations: This class is for anyone wanting to compete in entry-level Novice AKC agility or to teach and improve independent handling moves to build speed, confidence, and motivation for you and your dog. By the end of this class, I aim for you and your dog to perform a short sequenced course with the skills and obstacles learned. This is an entry-level class. I will be teaching the basics of creating the forward focus and drive necessary for your dog to begin running agility obstacles and courses efficiently. You’ll learn almost everything you need to get around a novice course. You’ll teach your dog verbal cues and handling techniques that work even if you’re not a fast runner. We will be practicing handler games to create engagement and reward for you on flat, then introduce equipment such as cones, wings, jumps, and tunnels. Recall, sit, and stay commands are very important for not only this class, but basic commands a dog should learn for competing in agility Novice classes. Equipment is not required but for the most progress in beginning your pup’s career and exercises, I recommend 1-3 jumps and/or a tunnel. This class is perfect for training in a small space like your backyard.  

Companion Dog Classes

Monday: Begins 5/20/246:30 pmPuppy classJeri Berryman
Monday: Begins 5/20/247:40 pmBasic Obedience ClassJeri Berryman
Wednesday: Begins 5/22/246:00 pmHousehold MannersJennifer Hathcoat
Saturday: Begins 6/1/2410:30am Trick Dog IntermediateJeff Brugamyer
PUPPY CLASS: This is a class limited only to puppies between the age of 12 weeks to 10 months. This is to help with the puppy woes and worries of teaching the simplest steps in getting your puppy out and about. This class will teach some basic commands of sit, down, stay, come when called, and leash work. The class also consists of socialization and working on games to teach your puppy how to learn. For the safety of your puppy, he/she will need to have had at least their second set of puppy vaccinations to attend.

Basic Obedience: The Basic Obedience class is a reward-based method taught by balanced trainers. We teach you the skills necessary to train your four-legged friend to become a polite member of the family. You and your dog will learn essential skills such as sit, down, healing and recalls.

Rally Novice: This class will focus on learning the basics to help you and your dog get started in Rally. The instructor will help you learn the signs and the correct way to go through a rally course. We do require that your dog can perform basic obedience commands, such as sit, down, stay, can heel on leash and come when called. 

Trick Dog Novice Class (TKN): This class is for those that are wanting to earn titles for their dog by showing off their behavior skills and tricks. Your dog performs 10 skills from the list that AKC has and if they have a GCG then they only have to perform 5 skills. The instructor will go over the different skills and what is needed for the test. At the end of the class, you and your dog will take the test.

Intermediate Trick Dog Class (TKI): Your dog must have their Novice title to take this class. Your dog performs 10 skills from the AKC list. The instructor will go over the different skills and what is needed for the test. At the end of the class, you and your dog will take the test.

Household Manners: This class is for dogs that need additional help with manners such as jumping, pulling on the leash, running out the door, etc. The instructor will help you work on different mannerisms and teach games that help you positively interact with your dog.

Registration Process

The class registration will be held May 16th, 6:30-7:30 at our training facility (see directions below).

The cost is $125 for the 6-week session, please note that if you are taking an additional class with the same dog and handler then you will receive a discounted class price. Classes are about one hour in length and run for a 6-week period. Class size is limited to provide you with the best possible instruction!

  • Please be sure to bring the correct amount of cash or a check. We do not accept cards.
  • Proof of rabies vaccination from a veterinarian is required for entry into class (except young puppies – puppies must have 2 sets of shots before taking classes).
  • No dogs at registration.

When coming to class, we recommend you bring your dog to class on a regular collar and leash and bring lots of soft treats, either store-bought training treats or string cheese or hotdogs cut into small pieces.

AOTC Training Facility

Club Training Building: 8175 S. Osage, Amarillo. The property is 1/4 mile north of the loop on Osage and 4.5 miles south of I-40 on Osage. The property is fenced with a red pipe. Follow the driveway up to the red hangar and enter the south hangar on the east side. (The driveway has two reflectors.).

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