Agility Area Rules

All Students & Instructors

PARKING: Please park along the east side of the driveway (in front of the agility area) or on the north side of the shed.
DO NOT block driveways or garages.

CRATES: Bring crates or ex-pens for your dogs.
No dogs are to be tied up, loose, or left in stays.

SAFETY: Keep dogs off of obstacles they have not been trained to do properly.

DOGS: All dogs should be flea and tick free, nails kept short, in good health and working condition.
Do not feed your dog right before class as this could cause bloating which is very serious.

COLLARS AND LEASHES: A flat buckle collar with a short tab (no loop on it) is preferred.
Long leashes for beginners, but no flexi-leads.
This is for their safety.

Please do not allow your dog to potty on the equipment or the field. If this happens, please clean it up.

Classes will be held unless there is bad weather. if you’re not sure, call your teacher or Darlene.

PICK-UP: Please pick up all your trash and belongings before leaving.
Put up chairs and equipment not being used in the next class.

INSTRUCTORS: First of all – thank you for donating your time and talents to AOTC!
Without you there would be no classes.
Please scan the area to make sure everything has been picked up before leaving.
End all classes and training by 9:15 PM CST so no one is leaving later than 9:30 PM CST.

This is a working farm, so your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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